Everyone is an artist.

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CanCan is a board game that embodies the dance of creation. Every time you play you create a unique and beautiful design in tapestry form. This tapestry represents abundance, and unity from diversity.

CanCan is a puzzle-building game using square multicolored tiles on a black gameboard. CanCan is all about color. Tiles are placed edge to edge by matching color.  Match shapes too and you get rewards! You win by building good relationships! It’s suitable for players age 5 and up. It’s non-verbal, entirely visual, and thus globally accessible.

All the CanCan tiles are different. Every game creates a new picture.  You can play CanCan in several ways. You can play by yourself, collaborate with others, or play competitively.  In CanCan we build  a picture together: each move creates the context for every following move. You can play to win, but you win by creating the best possible color relationship for each moment. The better the relationships and the more you learn to think ahead with your tile placement, the more complete your finished picture will be, the more fun you’ll have.

Color is the language of equality. In color there is no either/or,  no “better” or “less good” kind of value. There is only difference. Green is different from red, not better than red. I believe that children playing this game are receiving a template for creative, positive, equal, and harmonious relating in the world, through the simple activity of matching colors and shapes, and building a unified whole.

CanCan tiles give you a complete collection of color relationships. The expanding array of color and shape as you play CanCan automatically creates a work of art, while giving your mind a rest, and filling it with energy. It’s magic.

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“Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator.”-Michael Jackson