The Mother of CanCan

mom1This is my mom, O. She is the Mother of (5)

Yes, CanCan is my baby, I conjured the thoughts that created the project and the game, and I’m the conduit to and from the various implementers of it. I had the idea, I drew it out, I figured out how to publish it and manufacture it. I sell it.

But without O there would be no CanCan. CanCan has many supporters. But O has been my greatest support and my greatest supporter. She has sent money for most of the graphic design, and some of the web work, and some of the legal expenses. My mommy has been the primary investor in CanCan over the last five years. Sounds pretty professional, doesn’t it??

Where banks run screaming when they see me coming, NOT trailing assets as I am, my mom has extended that helping hand in the faith that I will make this thing happen…she tells me all the time that she’s proud of me, and that she loves me more than words can say. This alone gives me strength and courage, because my mom is one of the strongest, straight-arrow-est, kindest, no nonsensest, highest energy people I know… Thank you, my mummy!! This is for you 140315_0002

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