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CanCan, the game of color and creation, is an abstract art making game for all ages (5+). You play by building a puzzle, using square two-color tiles on a black game board. Place tiles edge to edge by matching and touching COLOR. Black and white tiles are WILD. Match SHAPES too and get rewards. Every time you play you become an abstract art creator. Finished games are works of art. Change your grid size, and create your own palettes. It’s so easy! Everyone is an artist.

It’s non-verbal, entirely visual, and globally accessible.

All the CanCan tiles are different. Every game creates a new picture, and to build, each move creates the context for every following move. You win by creating the best possible color relationship for each moment. The better the relationships and the more you learn to think ahead with your tile placement, the more complete your finished picture will be, and the more fun you’ll have. Feel the FLOW that artists feel.

Sample Screenshots

Steam Finished CanCan game with wild tile