Look around you.

color wheelOpen your eyes. What do you see? You see color. That’s it, from morning till night, from birth to the grave, from above you to below you,  color is what you see. (Even if you’re “color blind” you still see colors, just not as many.) Color is arrayed in an infinity of forms, shapes, intricacies, blocks, intensities and shimmers before you. Whether you are aware of it or not, all this color is communicating with you, and you are responding. You may never even notice the gorgeousness of the colored world that lies before your eyes. But it’s there, and it is beautiful. And you are lucky to be in it. You are blessed to live in this Color World.

Color is a language of qualities. It’s a language of feeling. It’s a language of frequencies. Color says these things directly, where words can only speak about them. How so?

I’m going to get a tiny bit technical.

The rainbow is the spectrum of electromagnetic energy known as visible light. The first color to emerge from the non-visible is red… the last color to reveal before winking back to non visibility is violet. In between these two points of frequency lies the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Then there’s black and white. I like to put black before red on the spectrum, because it feels to me like red emerges out of darkness, out of something denser and slower moving. I like to put white after violet, because it seems to me that violet is transitioning to lighter,  faster, finer frequencies.  Black and white represent qualities just like the rainbow colors do.  Let’s look at the qualities, frequencies and feeling states that the colors denote.

color blackBlack  gets a bad rap from some angles. And it’s glorified from other angles. Black is sinister, scary, evil, dark, occult…black is power, Black Ops, Black Panthers, Batman. Black is sexy. Black is sorrowful. Black is the fertile void. Black is matter.

color redRed   is powerful vital energy, red says “Here I am, it was black before and now I’m here!” That’s powerful. That’s assertion. That’s get-up-and-go. That’s life. Sometimes that’s anger, sometimes that’s passion.

color orangeOrange  is that tangy flavor of orange. Orange is joy, show-offiness, creativity, sassyness, exuberance, art for art’s sake. The orange of autumn is the grace of falling, twirling, laughing.

color yellowYellow  sunshine. Yellow is visible light. When you want to paint sunlight, you always add a little yellow to your white. Yellow is present. Yellow IS. Yellow is something to do with wisdom, but also Being. Just being. Shining.

color greenGreen  is the leaves and the grass. What do they do? They Grow. They breathe. Green is growth,  nourishment, fertility, healing, spring and summer. Green is lime, so delicious. Green is aloe vera, cooling, soothing, green is evergreen, astringent, bracing, medicinal. Green is the world of plants and the emerald city of Oz. Green is the breath of life, the spirit that heals and helps.

color blueBlue  is peace, calm, serenity, cool, sky, water reflecting sky…  Blue is the Mother, the peace that passeth all understanding. Light blue is heaven, deep blue is deeper heaven.

color violetViolet  is the transition color from visible to invisible. It always represents “high” things, like royalty, spiritual awareness, connection, and healing. The Violet Flame. Purple Haze.

color whiteWhite is purity, emptiness, clarity, light.