How to play.


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A luck and strategy game.

Tiles generate randomly, but the better you are at thinking ahead, the more tiles you will play, and the more completely the board will be filled. This is a game of color. Challenge yourself as you learn to think in a new way. It’s easy when you get the hang of it.



The object of the game is to fill the board by connecting tiles to tiles on the board through matching color first and secondarily, when possible, by matching shapes. Select tile by tapping. Rotate tile by tapping again. Place by tapping where you want it to go.

Tiles are placed edge to edge by matching color.

Color must touch.

Start with the smallest grid, and as you get better, go larger.

Once you’ve matched to the center tile, keep building onto the tiles from the array.
Color has to match and touch on all connecting tiles.

app store screenshot 150

Now here’s the fun part: If you are able to match a shape on a connecting tile in addition to the color, you get an extra tile and a gold coin.

Wild tiles: Black and white “wild tiles” can be used anywhere, they do not have to match colors. You can create the opportunity to get an extra tile by matching your wild tile shape to a shape on a tile on the board. You can fill notches and holes on the board, also thinking about matching adjacent shapes on all sides……

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Wild tiles are especially useful for filling any holes that cannot be filled with two-color tiles. You can play your wild tiles at any time, but they are most useful toward the end of the game, as options become more limited.

Ending the game

As the board fills up, options become more limited. It’s harder to place tiles.

Did you think ahead while playing?

Feel free to go into the Menu to Pick a Tile and find matching tiles to complete your picture!

Try creating your own color palette! Go to Customize Colors in the Menu.