Greetings from CanCan

   My name is Ditto, I wear many hats- I’m an artist. I’m a painter and a musician. I’m an artisan, I run a house painting company. I’m a mom. And I’m an inventor. My invention was given to me, I wasn’t looking for it.

CanCan is more than a game for me, it’s been an artistic attempt to  describe the world,  how it looks, and  what is the world saying to us at any given moment ?  I believe that there is an  intention of communication and communion  in every molecule of the universe. When a tree spreads its lacy branches to the sky,  it is talking to the sky, and it’s showing us how we might express ourselves.

I invented CanCan because I wanted to make the tools of the artist available to everyone. I wanted to make an experience that puts you in the flow that artists live in when they’re creating.

CanCan is a game of color and creation, and communication and community.

This comes from my own wish to connect.  It seems that my  life has been about learning to reach out like a tree, remembering that the point of contact is so very delicate and respectful.

CanCan is a teaching tool. Children playing CanCan will experience a game of linking, of fusion, of connecting, and flow.  It feels good! When I’m restless and having difficulty focusing, I  play a round of CanCan, and find that the soft focus of matching color to color, building a weave, creating a web of color and shape, is a meditation that creates a peaceful space around me and shifts my energy. It’s a positive action, it’s the flow of the artist.

CanCan had to be a game, because there is no static way to represent the constantly shifting and changing nature of things, the dance of things coming together and going apart.

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