Where We Are

We’re working to bring CanCan to the market.  Once the website is up and circulating, we intend to go to Kickstarter.com and apply for some crowd funding, which in our opinion is the very best kind of funding. When we get our funding, we will contact our patient manufacturing partner in Singapore, and publish a small first run of games, which will undoubtedly fly off our shelves. We will at that time start to sell games online. We’ll keep you posted.

CanCan has been endorsed in writing by Blue Highway Games in Seattle. Many other toy and game stores in the northwest, including Top Ten Toys, Izilla, and Finnegan’s  have expressed an interest in buying CanCan when it becomes available.

If you have any ideas or comments regarding the launching of this product, please share them.

Take a look at the gallery of finished games.

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