Seems like everybody’s blogging. Everybody has a lot to say about a lot of things. You google some fragment, like moon conjunct Pluto, or How to market a product, and up comes about five blogs with endless ruminations on your very query…. I¬†thought well, I have a lot of things to say too…I can blog with the best of the bloggins.

Games, color, emotion, mind, creativity, qualities, equality, flow, economics, gender, eco, the feminine, women, moms…children, soothing…because all these things come together in my mind…in the question What am I/bloggin about here on CanCan?

How do these things all co-co?

I believe that a relaxed mind (mind equals heart) is an open mind therefore an accepting mind therefore a peaceful mind therefore a thoughtful mind…I better stop before I’m reading *mind* like short for Mindy…(perhaps I should add A.D.D. to my list of topics)…. a relaxed mind is not a stressed mind…many earthly conditions stress mind and crush heart. i seek to ameliorate and transmute these responses.

CanCan is a mind soother, balancer and energizer. it also models peaceful co existence….more to come.

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