The definition of relationship is “the state of being connected”… “Mutual dealings, connections or feelings”… How do we relate? What does it mean when we say I want a relationship? What exists in your life that ISN’T a relationship? Everything actually is nothing more than your relationship to it. What’s your attitude about anything? What do you believe about anything? What are your expectations about anything? What do you assume about anything? How do you feel about anything?

I keep learning we’re only related in the moment, no matter how earnestly and passionately we’ve stated our “commitments”, right? We change, we change our mood, we change our mind, we have a change of heart, we don’t always know why, we’re a mystery to ourselves too, especially when we’re out there relating…

Look at color and see how ephemeral and non-pin-down-able the whole thing is. Nothing in our human repertoire expresses quantifiably the vast variety and changeability of states of being like color does*. Color IS the language of relationship. Color is felt through the togetherness of the colors! What feeling state does this particular hodgepodge of colors evoke? You can take your one color, your Absolute this or that, and you can say, oh, Red, it does This. Well, where in this world does Red do anything all by itself?

Color states the matter of flux and change and becoming and relating in a way that in my opinion mathematics and logic will forever trail after…so certainty-focused are they. It was hilarious to see the telephone-book-sized patent writings for CanCan. And the endless streams of code to articulate the CanCan system for an app. And the lengthy ruminations about the thus revealed arcanery of said system…sigh.

Whereas the simple language of color just says it, no fliff flaff, no interpretation, no assumptions, just IS. This is why I love color. Because it IS the world I want to live in, the mysterious, danceable, atmospheric, changing adventure that is my relationship to everything right in this moment, including the bursting heart. I believe this is the feminine dimension.

*music does, but music is the aural color realm…or color is visible music

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