The Purpose of ADHD

imageMy friend Christine called me this morning to say she really enjoys my blog. She says she feels like we had the same childhood. She is so encouraging to me, (and a pistol), I’m grateful for her. She says when I’ve built my game empire, I can retire and write my book…which led to a conversation about Coconut Grove and why I like the oldest parts of cities best to live in: trees.
Because I will write my book in a warm place, like Marjorie Keenan Rawlings.

But this makes me wonder, how does me sharing my ADHD thought process and some snippets from my childhood further my purpose?? What is my purpose? Do I have a purpose??
How does this further the progress of CanCan? I mean I barely even mentioned the game in my last several posts.
Meanwhile I’m writing a song, finessing it now…and this is helping me let go of something image…money is tight, which is a daily grind. I check craigslist for jobs, I post ads about my skills. I’m reading books, mostly thrillers…sort of seeking a forensic tone, just the factsimage I’m cooking good yummy things with beans and rice and sweet potatoes. I’m getting very precise in how I take walks (not so fast). I Like and Comment on Facebook. I write. I work on CanCan (see below). There’s a lot going on in any one day, and at the beginning of any given day, I don’t know what I will be doing…nobody wants painting done right now. So I do all these things. The order presents itself.

And with regard to CanCan, I’m doing a lot, kind of….
I am getting comfortable with Quickbooks!! This is huge. This is as if I actually passed Statistics (which I didn’t)image
I am opening new store accounts, specifically Snapdoodle and Math n Stuffimage
I’m changing the business structure of CanCan to Incorporated, yeah. Now CanCan is a person too! (Jk).
I’m upgrading my IP status.
I’m making notes about the tweaks to the design and the rules for the next run. I’m designing a flyer and order formimage
I’m delivering the order form to reps…I’m trying to get in touch with my reps….David why aren’t you calling me back?
I’m talking to the postal service about business postage, and spending hours on the computer trying to set up a business account on the USPS website…
I’m driving to every Montessori school in Seattle and walking in and introducing ourselves (me and CanCan)…image
I’m checking in with stores and restocking.
I’m talking to small business counselors and advisors
(People say to me, Have you thought about x, y or z? helpfully, of course…I have to be patient and say Um, yes…been here a while)
…the next big thing once I have my legalities in order will be my next Business Plan, yes, I already wrote a 40 page one…this one will be shorter and will reflect CanCan as a growing enterprise.image
Then I will mount a campaign to receive INVESTMENT in my company, which will finance the next run of games and some marketing and maybe some shekels for the CEO…
So maybe,
Part of my purpose is to prove that an artist can make a business without compromising her soul. I will expand on this.
Part of my purpose is CanCan itselfimage
Part of my purpose is to be financially secure without working some soul crushing job
and damn whoever thinks that there will always be people to do soul crushing jobs.
Pardonnez mon francais.
Maybe part of my purpose is sharing my ADHD thought process.

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