A Beautiful World

linkbdaycampingaug08 033The thing about being an entrepreneur is that you really have to be your own noble lord, and you have to work humbly and diligently for yourself.
Where does the urge to self-start arise?
Something from nothing seems to be an operative concept for many of my dealings in this life.
CanCan is a visual metaphor for this: you start with the black and formless void…then, one thing appears, randomly…someone pulls a tile from the box and places it in the center of the board. It just Comes To Be…then everything else flows from that one small appearance from out of the blue…all subsequent tiles relate inevitably back to that first tile.CanCan slideshow
Why did that first tile appear?
Why did it get picked out of all the others?
Why this, now?
A logical mind will be harassed by these sorts of questions.
It Just Did, it just IS, is the answer from the mystery.
This is the world of the Random.
Chance: what is it? don’t ask. Yet so fascinating.
Randomness means lack of pattern or predictability in events.
Determinists do not believe randomness exists….that is, some people (Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, logicians) believe that everything is Caused or determined by something prior, or by some agent.
Is there a tradition that honors the random? Honors it, not just gives it a nod or denies it completely?
Go back, way back, ancient…shamanic, earth, divinations, trance, magic…before Abrahamic and Aryan doctrines…and yes, you will find the dark and mysterious world of the Random included in cosmologies.
It’s feminine-ish.
To me a good state of being is a balance between the Random and the Caused. Between received and intended.
CanCan is a Luck and Strategy game.
You start with the luck of the draw…what a deep moment that is: why this, now? Don’t ask.
Then Strategy: thinking ahead, choosing, placing, knowing Why, conscious creation.
It’s a game that might describe a beautiful world.

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