Uncertainty 2

image I started today with a doleful post about discouragement. I decided to re-enter something that resembles more the brave attitudes of my many hard working friends.

Keep goin. Keep up the good work. When discouraged, encourage others.

There’s plenty to do, and I have many blessings, I have great support.

Things are slow, yes. But spring is here and it’s resurrection time. Math n Stuff just reordered two cases. SAM reordered two. Things are picking up.

Sometimes things are just tight. Cry. Pray. Think. And keep doing stuff even though you have that empty feeling. Have faith in yourself. Don’t pretend you’re NOT discouraged if you are! But keep moving.

This is what I tell myself. I have so much to be thankful for, not least a wonderful game that I can be proud of.

And great friends.
Great teachers.
Great son.
Great kitty who chews on my hair when she’s hungry. She never gives up. But she does accept delay.
The chickadees are returning to nest in the balcony above.
It’s a beautiful day


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