CanCan Biz Plan

I’m sitting down to write my business plan. I have a short-form template I can use…six pages!
The first question is

Who Are You140414_0003

and you’re supposed to have an opening one sentence pitch that will make your investors want to keep reading…pitch…I might slightly stray from the business plan rules…because I’m here to tell ya, business is fun.

I’ll be grateful for any comments to help me craft this plan. This is a beginning. This is not yet a business plan, these are ideas…Ready? Begin.

I am CanCan, the Game of Color and Creation

What is color?
You can’t say what color is, you have to SEE it
Black red orange yellow green blue purple whitecolor wheel
Color is half of what we see. The other half is shape.
Color is healing.

What is creation?
Creation is the appearance of something from who knows where?
Creation is the free activity of a relaxed and open mind
Creation is purposeful
Creation is child’s playkidsplaying

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help kids (of all ages) tap into their own creation zone? Wouldn’t it be great if we could soothe their (our) fevered brains? And make it fun?

We can.cancangrownups

CanCan is a puzzle-building board game that uses multicolored tiles on a black velvet game board.
It’s a luck and strategy game for the whole family.
CanCan is a healing game.
Can Can is art in a box.
It’s color!
It’s a game you can win, but nobody loses… How can this be?

Because everyone participates in the creation of the final interwoven design.cancanPete

Mission and Vision

My mission for my own life has been to RELAX.RELAX My mission in creating CanCan is to provide a structured activity that helps you relax… It’s a meditation.
Children playing CanCan will not come running crying to their parents while, or after, playing. They will grow absorbed and quiet.cancanlittle
They will experience the direct effects of color on their brains*.CanCanAlexandra
They will make something beautiful.
Yet never will they have to be told to go be creative or make something beautiful.
Because it’s a GAME. And it’s FUN.

*Contemplating the rainbow of colors has been shown to soothe the endocrine system.

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