May the Road Rise with You

Writing a business plan is all about knowing what you want. For yourself and for your thing (business).CanCanSAM 007 It’s also about knowing the best order of events to accomplish this thing you want, given your realities and circumstances.

What do I want?

In general, I want to populate the world with little clones of my baby whose name is CanCan. Why? Because it’s growing up. Because it wants to go out there. It doesn’t want to sit in a warehouse looking good.
Also because I want to see how far I can take it. I want to see how far we can go.

I want to travel. I love to have something to bring to the places I visit. I don’t like being a tourist, gawking. CanCan is a wonderful ambassador for a country I’d like to represent. CanCan country, a world of Possibility.

Speaking with a toy and game distributor today, I got the sense of myself as being in a well-known category of single-item vendors. Mike said more than once “Single item, its not an easy road”…harder to find a distributor, harder to sell your product, harder to be remembered…etc.

Of course I would like to have a distributor for CanCan. It would be very good to have some marketing support.

However, if that is not to be, I will continue to be the A to Z of CanCan, the game, the business, the sales, the service, the dream. There’s an elegance to that proposition.

I will get in my CanCan delivery truck and drive. First the west coast. Then the southwest. Then the mid west then the east and midatlantic and southeast. Coming back home to reload, and reorder.

The truck of my vision is shiny black, brilliantly emblazoned with CanCan logo, colors n graphics. CanCanWagon
And there are precedents. Some readers may recall Ahura Mazda, my wagon of yore. Or the Bonneville wagon…
All the travels will be TAX WRITE OFFS. It’s genius.
I know how to travel. I know how to maximize. I know how to sell, nobody sells CanCan better than I do.
I have friends and supporters everywhere. Well almost everywhere. Always happy to make new friends northdakota-map

I’ve done the ground-breaking work locally. Now comes a tailwind of buzz that pushes it along. Now comes marketing.

A brochure
A press release
An article
Someone will see what a great story this all is.
But the story only gets better as I keep going, so I keep going.swanson's

I envision videos of my stops and stays along the way. Video blog posts!

There is money. CanCan receives investment.Pile-of-American-100-Dollar-Bills To purchase the vehicle, to drive me all over this land.

Simon says CanCan will succeed in spite of my math issues. Which is encouraging even though I don’t think I have as many issues as all that. I will demonstrate my math abilities in the business plan financials. excel

But in general it seems to me that it is cost effective to put me in a vehicle and allow me to drive.


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