Road Reflected

In another mood I look at my vision of jumping into a big black delivery truck and inwardly shrink at the thought of throwing myself out into the world alone. I’m not young, and I need so much quiet and solitude.
I feel like one of the least social people I know.
Even my closest friends scoff when I say this, most people think I’m very social and sociable.
But I’m not. Not all the way in.
Or I have not yet been.
Maybe I’m starting to become more social, which might mean, become more available?
I definitely notice people are talking my ear off.
People seem to want to pour the contents of their hearts right into my ear lately.
Maybe I’m more there to actually hear them than I was before.
But how much do I share?

I prefer to stare.
(Or am I sitting on a volcano?)

I do not know.
I am a fish out of water at the moment, waiting to sprout some feathers.


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