Where Do Worlds Collide?

I straddle at least two worlds.

One is the world of “possibility”, of “manifesting”, the financial slash business slash investment slash capitalist slash who-you-know slash asset-and-credit world…which to me resembles the “all you have to do is intend it” attitude of The Secret and other have-it-all philosophies…Just attract it! I work with this….attitude is powerful…intention and attention are ultimately powerful. I call in what I choose to receive, I envisionafffirmation….yet is there a smugness, an unconsciousness, a neglect of some physical facts?

Another world I live in is the uncertain day to day world of making of a living, of rent and bill to bill, of falling behind, and catching up, of nice bank managers who waive an overdraft fee, of dreaming of getting my carpet cleaned, of odd jobs extended by kind friends, of house sitting, of watching my bank account online like a hawk…trying not to burst into tears when the check I just put in thinking it puts me ahead, is eaten and gone already by insurance debits I forgot about…ditto_pic[1]

Just normal stuff for people in this world at this time. The world of actual survival. I’m resourceful and I’m lucky and there is freedom and power in negotiating the bare ground…

How do these two world views reconcile in FACT? I choose to receive abundance, AND I better get on Craigslist and see if there’s a job for me. I choose freedom, AND I go paint railings in the wind because rent is due.

bricksI’ve grounded stuff. I can do it. Murphy looked at my palm and said I could run an empire. On the other hand (omigod, no pun intended!) Lily looked at my palm and said I would never be rich but I would have enough. Can both things be true? Well, it’s just a palm, just a story, and maybe they’re both wrong.

Who knows? Not me at the moment. The reward of patience is patience….. it will be revealed…IT being some kind of world I can inhabit whole-heartedly. Maybe just the world of patience…. maybe that’s where the worlds do collide…buddha

I’m writing this in the lobby of one of the highest end apartment buildings in downtown Seattle.1521_sig_atr We painted a condo in here, and I scratched a very expensive coffee table laying what I thought was a soft rounded Haitian wood sculpture on there, to discover at the very end of the job that it had metal hardware that scratched the very delicate, impermanent and therefore extremely costly finish of the coffee table that looked just like metal. In my mind the materials were mutually kind. In reality one ate the other at my expense. So now I am here to receive the repaired and refinished piece of metal which has cost me 500, easily what I made on the paint job….and now the condo is for sale for 1.8 million. No quibble, I scratched the table. But it’s one of my details. It’s one of the things I look at. I grew up lounging in properties like this.

And now the guy is late delivering it and my parking will run out in one minute.

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