The Quiet

There is a realm of experience that can barely be expressed, so ephemeral and quiet and vulnerable and hidden is it…it would be called the yin realm…the realm in the manifested of silence, of the hush in nature, of animal eyes, of innocence, of the unwillingness or inability to ASK…even in the face of huge desire. Asking is the province of the active….demanding is the province of the indignant active.
In the realm of the quiet, *asking* or *telling* is absurdly impossible. There’s only being. And if the being can’t be seen and known, the quiet simply continues, unacknowledged…or is destroyed, so powerful is the muteness of the quiet… deer
It’s not the quiet part that asks for anything, even for silence. It’s the noise part. The noise, if aware, asks for silence on behalf of the quiet.

CanCan is a messenger from the Quiet. It’s a pointer, finger to lips, ssssshhhh, toward the Quiet.


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